The Wealth Management Consultants Advantage

As a highly sophisticated and accomplished professional, you need guidance in attaining, and maintaining, your wealth. To that end, we foster a unique, highly personalized client experience that ensures we uncover all of your needs, providing you confidence in your decisions and ensuring you are in control of your wealth. To be frank, if you needed a surgical procedure you would probably seek the opinion of the finest practitioner you could find. Well then, why wouldn’t you do the same for your financial well-being?

We are not accountants and we do not prepare taxes. We are experts in the areas of tax strategizing, asset protection and retirement planning. Our experience is nonpareil, our network of accountants, tax attorneys, former IRS auditors and financial planners insure that you have the most up to date and comprehensive tax advice available anywhere.

Helping doctors achieve financial freedom is our business. We customize a plan specific to you and your practice that will help you achieve the goals you have outlined and then provide the service and support required to maintain it. We do not develop a plan to “sell you a product” or “sell you a service” that you do not need. Our in-depth assimilation process ensures that our clients receive the level of service they need and require – without the fear of hidden costs.