Wealth Management Practices

Our Culture is Focused Around You, Our Client

We commit to developing a deep understanding of your needs, your goals, your aspirations, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Our Client Assimilation Process enables our Consultants to formulate a customized Design for Wealth, premised on objective advice and your needs.

We also commit to assisting you in the management and implementation of your Design for Wealth. Your Consultant will remain responsible for the ongoing needs of you and your family, proactively managing your affairs and implementing any and all new strategies as they arise.

Our Approach to Wealth Management


I. Assimilation

What are your dreams? Your passions? Where are you now on your road to financial freedom? Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years? These are some of the questions that help us determine how to design and implement your personal strategy, your Design for Wealth. Every individual is different so we do not do cookie cutter solutions: we tailor a program to suit your practice and your lifestyle.

II. Strategic Planning

We will evaluate your financial affairs and business structure to determine what you need to accomplish your goals. Through this evaluation, we will identify your areas of risk and opportunity. We will then be able to formulate a personalized plan that will maximize your goals and set you on the path to realizing your vision.

III. Implementation

After discussing the various options available to you, we will help you decide which strategies will best meet your needs and goals. We then work with you in a disciplined and systematic environment, ensuring that the elements of your strategy are implemented in a manner always consistent with your goals.

IV. Retirement Strategizing

What are your Retirement goals? That is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself, and that we can ask you. We will challenge your traditional assumptions of what retirements is, how you plan for retirement, and, more importantly, when you can retire. We will help you define your retirement, and work with you to make it happen.

V. Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning services emphasize the transfer and implementation of your intent, and individual objectives, while incorporating your Design for Wealth and Retirement Plan, through the most current and compliant estate planning tools. You can have complete peace of mind because your plan will provide for today, tomorrow, and the unexpected.

VI. Managing Change

Through your entire wealth building experience, we are right there for you. We expect the unexpected and do the research necessary to keep your plan on track and we will recommend changes and make adjustments to your Design for Wealth as your practice grows. And don’t forget, the IRS Tax Code changes almost every year. We will be able to insure that you are always compliant.

VII. Support

Our commitment is to you. As such, we provide on-going support that allows you to return month after month, year after year, as wealth grows and needs change. Your Design for Wealth is a continual process built upon stages of wealth and life. We will be there as part of your wealth team to provide guidance and certainty.